ASF Industry Technology Co.,Ltd Specialized in titanium, nickel, molybdenum, tantalum,  zirconium , stainless steel and other special metal materials  production and sale. factory located in Chinese taitanium city with complete supply chain and research advantage , we have 20 professional technical persons , strictly controling quality , due to professional team service and good quality.our products widely used in petroleum, chemical,aerospace, metallurgy, medicine, atomic energy, and other fields.

Main products include: titaniunan and other special metal ingot, Rods, plates, tubes, wire.forging,valve, pipe, fittings, tank,exchanger .

products are in accordance with  ASME/ ASTM /DIN/JIS standard and have been exported to world-wild area ,ASF owns technical surport from native big lab and good reputaion,we have professional and efficient  team and can process any sizes order . we foucs on providing:

Good quality product ,

Excellent value

Quick delivery

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